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English Premier League – Team Profiles and Styles

This week I thought I’d take a look at the ‘profiles’ and characteristics of each team in the English Premier League.

Data courtesy of:

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First up, I have taken the characteristics of each team in the league, and shown it in a table:

(Dark Blue: Very Strong, Light Blue: Strong, Orange: Weak, Red: Very Weak)

Team strengths and weaknesses

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Man Utd 1 – 6 Man City: As One Sided As 1-6?

When you hear 6 – 1, you immediately think the game was one sided, with two completely mismatched teams. However, there are some games where the score can be very misleading, such as this (also the QPR 1 – 0 Chelsea game from the same day, in which Chelsea had the better play, despite being 2 players down for most of the game – more on that later).

Game Time Line:

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