English Premier League – Team Profiles and Styles

This week I thought I’d take a look at the ‘profiles’ and characteristics of each team in the English Premier League.

Data courtesy of:

(Tip: Click on each image to view full size)

First up, I have taken the characteristics of each team in the league, and shown it in a table:

(Dark Blue: Very Strong, Light Blue: Strong, Orange: Weak, Red: Very Weak)

Team strengths and weaknesses

Broadly speaking, the top half of the table are attacking characteristics, the bottom half defensive.

Numbers along the bottom are to gauge a ‘team strength rating’ and has been devised from: +2 points for Very Strong, +1 point for Strong, -1 for Weak, -2 for Very Weak.

Along the right hand side are the totals for each characteristic, and will be compared to other leagues in future weeks.

Next up, I sorted the table into the current league position order:

Team strengths and weaknesses by league position

Not really surprising to see teams current positions almost in line with their ‘team ratings’ along the bottom.

Also, the top half are mostly the teams who are strong at scoring/creating scoring chances, the bottom half all have considerable defensive vulnerabilities.

Next I have looked at ‘team styles’:

Team styles

Again, numbers on the right hand side indicate how many teams use that particular style.

And sorted by league position:

Team styles by league position

So top 3, and 5 of the top 7, all prefer ‘short passing’ and possession football.

I find these tables interesting to use to compare teams before they play each other (or www.whoscored.com have good pre-match profiles telling you the same thing).

In future weeks I will be hopefully doing the same thing for other leagues, and then later on a league comparison.

Edit: Addition: Summary

  • 8 teams with more strengths than weaknesses
  • 10 teams with more weaknesses than strengths
  • Overall league ‘rating’ of -4
  • Equal split between teams favouring short passing vs long passing (7 each)
  • Left channel (8) preferred to right channel (6)
  • Width & crossing prominent features (8 each)
  • Overall strengths: scoring from fast breaks, long shots and set pieces, stealing the ball from opposition, creating chances, scoring from throughballs and direct free kicks, coming back from behind
  • Overall weaknesses: Avoiding offside, keeping possession, defending against long shots, wingplay and skillful players


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