Spanish La Liga – Team Profiles and Styles

Second part of the series, this time looking at La Liga teams.

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(Dark Blue: Very Strong, Light Blue: Strong, Orange: Weak, Red: Very Weak)

Team Characteristics (sorted by current league positions)


  • Creating scoring chances
  • Scoring from set pieces
  • Coming back from behind
  • Stealing the ball from opposition


  • Defending against long shots, skillful players, wingplay and fast breaks

Overall league ‘rating’: -16

Only 5 teams with more strengths than weaknesses (EPL: 8), and 11 teams with more weaknesses (EPL: 10)

Team Styles


  • More teams favour longball passing over short passing (8 vs 6)
  • 16 teams playing 4-2-3-1

Compare this to the English Premier League and some common opinions can be discredited.

Further leagues to come shortly.

Keywords: Tactics, Team Analysis, Spanish La Liga, Styles, Characteristics


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